Autism Movement Therapy AMT, the first therapy designed for individuals with autism that combines movement and music, is providing to be one of the most effective ways of stimulating communication between the left and right hemispheres of the brain by actually bridging the two sides of the brain to increase overall cognitive processing. Developed by Joanne Lara, M.A., Autism Movement Therapy combines a structured program of movement and music, connection the left and right hemispheres of the brain for a 'whole brain' cognitive re-mapping approach that significantly increases concentration, focus, social interaction and sensory integration. This innovative and creative new approach is the perfect solution for working with your child or student and assisting in the way that they interact with their peers, works in groups, and perform academically in the classroom.

Research studies indicate that the bridge between the left and right hemispheres –when strengthened-allows information to be transmitted that otherwise is not being processed. Bridging the two sides of the brain to increase cognitive processing assimilation or 'WALKING UP THE BRAIN' is the ultimate goal of Autism Movement Therapy.


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