Methylcobalamin is the active co-enzyme form of B12 and is the only type present in the brain and central nervous system required for transporting the vitally important methyl groups to proteins in the myelin sheath surrounding nerves. Methylcobalamin B12 is commonly deficient among autistic children. These children have inability to transform food Vitamin B12 to Methyl B12, which is needed for neural activity and subsequently glutathione formation. Its deficient state contributes to the severity of autism.MB-12 has tremendous healing potential for individuals with an autism-spectrum disorder, including:

  • Improved language abilities – both receptive and expressive
  • Children becomes more conversational – attempting new words, or having more complex speech.
  • Some children begin to understand instructions and requests things more easily and readily.
  • Non-verbal children will many times start to babble more, or become more interested in attempting to speak.
  • Increased environmental /social awareness
  • child becomes more aware of their surroundings, more engaged with their environment such as toys, siblings, pets, etc.
  • Better attention and focusing abilities
  • Increased mental processing skills

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MB 12
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